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6 Frequently Asked Questions about VetiVax

03:05 17 October in by Genevieve Scott

Welcome to the next part of our blog post discussing the treatments available for your furry friend when they are diagnosed with cancer. In the past couple of weeks we have explored Chemotherapy, Radiation, and Immunotherapies. If you missed any of those blog post, click on the respective links above to read them.

This week we will be discussing VetiVax, an Immunotherapy provided by Vetrix. Below are 6 FAQ’s about VetiVax to help you understand what type of patients this immunotherapy could be used on and how it is used by your Veterinarian. Check with your veterinarian to see if this treatment is right for your furry friend.

What is VetiVax?
VetiVax is a revolutionary Autologous Veterinary Cancer Immunotherapy treatment that uses the patient’s own tumor cells to create a personalized treatment, which educates the patients’ immune system to recognize the tumor as foreign.

How would my vet use VetiVax?
Surgically remove the tumor and send in a portion of the tumor using the pre-paid Overnight Shipping tumor collection kit. Once our lab receives the sample, we will send you the patient’s personalized VetiVax immunotherapy vaccine in 48 hours via overnight shipping. The vaccine consists of 3 doses, which are administered as a subcutaneous injection, once per week, for the next 3 weeks, close to the excision site or the nearest peripheral lymph node. Typically, anesthesia is not required for the injection series.

Who can use VetiVax?
This Treatment must be performed by a licensed veterinarian.

What types of tumors can VetiVax be used on?
VetiVax has been used on 31 different types of tumors, such as: Melanoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Soft Tissue Sarcome, Hemangiosarcoma, Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Nasal Carcinoma, Adenocarcinoma, Mast Cell Tumors, Basal Cell Carcinoma, Transitional Cell, and more. To find out if VetiVax can be used on a tumor not listed here, contact 678-278-8277.

What are the benefits of using VetiVax over traditional treatments? (Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy)
VetiVax is an immunotherapy, that uses certain parts of the patient's immune system to fight cancer. The VetiVax Vaccine takes less treatments (only 3, not including the initial surgery to remove the tumor) and is less expensive than traditional treatments.

Is VetiVax a cancer cure?
No. VetiVax is an experimental treatment that is an alternative to other cancer treatments available.

Do you have a pet or patient with cancer who you would like to see if VetiVax would be right for them? Call us at 678-278-8277 or leave a comment for us below.

Follow our page and come back next week an additional 6 FAQ's such as where your vet can get their free tumor collection kit, cost of the treatment, and if VetiVax can be used with other cancer treatments.