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6 Frequently Asked Questions about VetiVax: Part 2

02:30 23 October in by Genevieve Scott

This week we will be contiuning to discuss VetiVax, an Immunotherapy provided by Vetrix. Below are 7 additional FAQ’s about VetiVax to help you understand what type of patients this immunotherapy could be used on and how it is used by your Veterinarian. To view the previous 6 FAQ's about VetiVax click hereCheck with your veterinarian to see if this treatment is right for your furry friend.

What is VetiVax?
VetiVax is a revolutionary Autologous Veterinary Cancer Immunotherapy treatment that uses the patient’s own tumor cells to create a personalized treatment, which educates the patients’ immune system to recognize the tumor as foreign.

How much of the tumor do you need?
We require at least 5 grams of the tumor removed. Please confirm from histopathology that the tumor is cancerous prior to sending.

Can VetiVax be used with other cancer treatments?
Yes. VetiVax can be used in conjunction with other treatments.  Some Doctors prefer to administer VetiVax first and then move to other treatment options if needed.

How much does VetiVax Cost?
VetiVax cost less than most cancer treatments. To find out more information about the pricing of VetiVax please contact us at 678-278-8277.

What animals does VetiVax treat?
Currently VetiVax can only be used for companion animals

How can I get my FREE VetiVax Tumor Collection Kit?
To get your free Tumor Collection Kit, click here!

Is VetiVax offered outside of the United States?
Unfortunately we are unable to provide VetiVax as a treatment outside of the US because it requires shipping animal tissue.

Do you have a pet or patient with cancer who you would like to see if VetiVax would be right for them? Call us at 678-278-8277 or leave a comment for us below.