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Companion Animal Cancer Treatments Part 1: Chemotherapy, when is it appropriate?

02:15 18 September in by Genevieve Scott

More cancer treatments for animals are available now than ever before. When an animal is diagnosed with cancer veterinarians will do all they can to ensure their patient receives the right course of treatment.

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Gene Therapy And Immunotherapy: What These Advances In Cancer Treatment Mean For You And Your Pets

03:59 11 September in by Genevieve Scott

The US Food and Drug Administration recently announced the approval of a new leukemia treatment, which, according to CNN, “the agency considers the first gene therapy it has cleared to hit the market in the United States.”

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Veterinary Autologous Graft vs. Bioscaffold Treatment For Skin Wounds

10:12 29 February in by Genevieve Scott

Many cell based approaches to small animal wound care tend to revolve around autologous grafting. Varying thicknesses of skin grafts are often seen at the solution for acute and chronic injuries where the site simply does not have available tissue to cover the exposed wound. These treatments aim to provide "deficient...

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Four Benefits Of Using Biological Scaffolds In Veterinary Surgery

09:10 25 February in by Genevieve Scott

It happened several years ago, my mischievous Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Boone, fell to the temptation that so often happens with retrievers. Before this instant, I had no idea it was even possible to dismantle a Croc. Now, say what you will about the foam loafer, and the looks of which that are highly discerning, but I...

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What Is Extracellular Matrix Technology?

09:09 24 February in by Genevieve Scott
In today's world of veterinary surgical care, the term 'regenerative medicine' is hear more frequently than ever. Regenerative medicine refers to the replacement or regeneration of cells, tissue, or organs to restore or establish normal function. Until recently, the generally accepted approach to full restoration...
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Soft Tissue Sarcoma & Mass Removals

12:37 18 January in by Genevieve Scott

With aggressive surgery, soft tissue sarcomas can be removed with excellent long term prognosis. Typically, surgery is a common option for soft tissue sarcomas with low to intermediate grades. 

Arising from the skin and subcutaneous tissue, soft tissue sarcomas can be found at any site, and as such the difficulty in...

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