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Soft Tissue Sarcoma & Mass Removals

12:37 18 January in by Genevieve Scott

With aggressive surgery, soft tissue sarcomas can be removed with excellent long term prognosis. Typically, surgery is a common option for soft tissue sarcomas with low to intermediate grades. 

Arising from the skin and subcutaneous tissue, soft tissue sarcomas can be found at any site, and as such the difficulty in surgery can vary. Found in the larger mass areas of the patient, typically a surgeon can utilize the elasticity of the skin to close the removal site. The more difficult situations arise from lower limb mass removals, where there simply isn't enough elasticity to cover the site. 

BioSIS is a naturally derived scaffolding that takes the place of potentially needed skin grafts. It creates an environment for host cells to migrate and differentiate, remodeling tissue, and completely absorbing into the body upon completion. Indications range from wound care to even major soft tissue surgery indications.

Your patients will experience:

  • Less pain - using BioSIS prevents the need for skin donor sites, and provides an antimicrobial dressing
  • Rapid anigogenesis - cells and capillary growth throughout BioSIS begins immediately providing fast, complete remodeling
  • Complete remodeling - healing completion results in total regeneration of host tissue. No foreign body remainders, only healthy, organized tissue

View our case of Atlas, a 5 year-old rescue Boxer, who received BioSIS and forewent amputation during a large soft tissue sarcoma removal.




Soft tissue sarcomas, and other mass removals can be difficult at times. But knowing about innovative approaches in regenerative medicine significantly broadens the scope of treatment options, and provides patients, and patient owners with the very best in veterinary care.

View our case video of Atlas' procedure and recovery


Case Video